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Cynthia: Real Women In Denim

Cynthia is wearing size 29 in our dark straight denim.


Name: Cynthia

Nickname: My blog is called Oh So Cynthia, so my husband calls me “Oh So” to refer to my alternate personality

Instagram: @ohsocynthia

Proudest accomplishment: Being a mom to my 16-year old son, Jackson. He’s still a work in progress (aren’t we all!), so every day that I teach him something new about the world is an accomplishment and I usually end up learning something new about myself in the process!

Best energy boosting trick: I am quite fond of a cat nap around 3:00 pm. There’s just something decadent about sneaking off for a quick snooze in the middle of the day. And then I’m refreshed and rejuvenated for dinner with my family or a night out on the town! And if I don’t have time for a nap, there’s always Red Bull!

Favorite part of your body: My collarbone. I think it’s a very sexy part of the body without revealing too much. At my age, not revealing to much is key to feeling sexy. It’s all smoke and mirrors people.

I feel attractive when: I’ve been with my husband for 20 years but he still looks at me like it’s our first date and he can’t believe he talked me into going out with him. HE makes me feel attractive. I’m so blessed to have married my best friend!

My superpower is: I have an incredible ability to sniff out B.S. Whether it’s my son trying to tell me a whopper to get to a party or a social climber trying to snow me on a story I should write about them. I can smell desperation from a mile away.

Weirdest phobia: I don’t know that I have a phobia! I don’t like spiders. Maybe arachnophobia?

I’ve never been: Skydiving. I don’t have any desire to hurl myself out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. Although I have been in a hot air balloon and it was lovely.

Best stress reliever: A massage! Full body is best, but I’ll visit Whole Foods or Bellacures Nail Salon for a quick 10-minute neck and shoulder rub in a pinch. That’s just my idea of heaven right there.

Best gift you’ve ever been given: The best expensive gift I ever got was a beautiful platinum Roldex watch with a dark blue face and diamond bezel from my husband for Christmas years ago. The best inexpensive gift I’ve ever gotten was a soft, terry jacket. It’s like a robe, only it’s a waist-length jacket, so it keeps me warm without being too hot. I wear it every day.

Your fashion icon: Reese Witherspoon. She wears classic, tailored styles that are sophisticated but she has fun with fabrics and prints. I am obsessed with her store, Draper James, that recently opened in Highland Park Village. It is Southern chic at its finest.

Your favorite style of denim and why: I like a dark-rinse denim. I just find it more sophisticated than a lighter wash. I also like a higher waisted jean – one that actually sits at your waist. I do not want to spend all day pulling my pants up over my muffin-top. No thank you.

3 words to describe your fashion sense: Casual Chic. Ladylike. Sophisticated. That’s four words, but I’m complicated like that.

Cynthia is wearing size 29 in our dark straight denim.